StashFin Elev8 – An ideal solution for quick and easy loans up to ₹10000

What do you do you if you have a mid-month or month-end financial crisis? What do you do for an urgent repair that crops up from nowhere? What do you do for an unexpected medical emergency or for that one expensive purchase you have being eyeing on for months?

For all the above questions, a quick and easy cash loan with a speedy process is the answer!

StashFin Elev8 helps to provide a super-fast, affordable and convenient lending of loans up to ₹10,000. With provision of loans as low as ₹1,000 it helps to cater to the smallest need of the Customer. Here’s why you should apply for a StashFin Elev8 Loan.

  • 100% Online Application Process: The entire application process to get a StashFin Elev8 Loan can be completed on the StashFin App in less than 10 Minutes. There is no physical presence required for any step.
  • Minimum Documentation Required: All you need to apply for your StashFin Elev8 Loan is an identity proof and a Banking Proof. There is no need to submit any physical copies of the Documents.
  • Flexible Repayment Plans: StashFin Elev8 Loans provides you the opportunity to repay the loan in a single installment or multiple EMIs. The tenure of the loan can range anywhere from 15 Days to 90 Days.
  • Instant Decision: StashFin App provides instant decision about your loan application. There is no waiting time for StashFin to decide the status of your application unlike other Traditional Banks.
  • Unlimited Loans: There is no limit on the number of StashFin Elev8 Loans you can get. You can avail unlimited loans throughout the year if you are regular in your payments.