Build your Credit Profile with StashFin Elev8

Everyone has a credit score associated with them. This is the score that helps a person build his financial credibility in the market. A credit score is a three-digit score that helps financial organizations determine how likely you are to repay a debt. It is based on your credit history – a record of your demonstrated ability and willingness to repay debts. The better your score is, the higher is the probability of you getting a loan or a credit card from a company. A high credit score is important as it makes you a credible borrower in the market and not only helps you get a loan easily in the market but also get loans at lower rates.

Building a high credit score is not a quick process but it is not an impossible one.  StashFin Elev8 Loans can help you build your Credit History and hence effectively contribute towards increasing your Credit Score. You can avail a StashFin Elev8 Loan without having to meet a minimum Salary criteria and even at a low Credit Score as we evaluate an application on parameters that range beyond your Credit Score.

With small ticket size and affordable interest rates, you can easily repay your StashFin Elev8 Loans on time and improve your Credit Score.