Hacks to make you survive the Month-End Financial Crisis

As you arrive closer to the month, you find yourself worrying about the money left in your Bank Account to sail you through till the time you can get your next Salary message. Paying off EMIs/bills at the end of the month becomes a big worrying reason with one running low on cash. You can some of the below hacks to help you manage your finances.

  • Track your expenses: Keep a constant track of what you are spending and where all are you spending. With so many expense tracking apps available in the App Store, it is super convenient to analyze the expenses and also compare it on a month on month basis
  • Save small but save constantly: It is very important to save money on a regular basis instead of saving it one go as just a tax saving exercise. Setup a system where a part of your income every month goes into a saving instrument
  • Keep a budget for small intervals: Instead of keeping a budget for the entire month, break the budget down into small budgets and spread it across every week. Only when you are able to stick to your budget for every week will you be able to stick to your budget for the entire month

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