How is StashFin Elev8 changing the way we look at instant Personal Loans?

With the ever changing face of the Fintech Industry, there are numerous loan products coming up to change the way people look at Personal Loans. StashFin Elev8 being present in more than 500 Cities has changed the way we look at quick and easy personal loans.

StashFin Elev8 looks at servicing customer for all their needs. Be it unforeseen expenses like sudden medical emergency, festive shopping, paying EMIs or Bills or something that a customer wants for himself like a vacation, concert tickets or shopping online, StashFin Elev8 provides the facility to take a small loan for looking at all such expenses. The documentation required is minimal, the entire process from Loan Application to Loan Disbursement does not take more than 2 Hours. Long waiting times when there is an urgent need of funds can be extremely frustrating and hence the same has been catered for by StashFin Elev8.

StashFin Elev8 welcomes all kinds of individuals looking for instant loans. Be it a salaried individual or a self-employed person. Be it a person who has taken a loan or Credit Card before or not. It also assists a customer to improve his Credit Score so that he/she can become eligible for a higher amount with StashFin or with any other financial institution.