StashFin Elev8 – Providing for the needs of Low Salaried as well as Self-employed

In the Personal Loans business, we often come across our situations wherein the person who is in a dire need of a loan do not end of getting one. Be it a loan of ₹5,000 of 5 lakhs. One of the major reasons for not being able to get a loan is the employment type of the Customer i.e. either the Customer is salaried but has really low salary or is self-employed and does not earn enough.

For all the people falling in the above categories, StashFin Elev8 comes to the rescue. StashFin Elev8 is an instant loan product where the credibility of a Customer depends on an internally generated score which accounts for multiple factors and not only the earnings of the Customer. One of the key highlights of the Product is that it doesn’t have a minimum eligibility set for the monthly earnings of a Customer.

StashFin Elev8 can also be looked as a tool to build you credit history and improve your Credit Score. Every time you repay your StashFin Elev8 Loan on time, you become eligible for a higher amount and the ultimate aim of this Product to help a customer become eligible for the StashFin Credit Line Card.