StashFin Elev8 – The Road to beat your Month-end blues

Do you also dread looking at the balance in your Bank Account at the end of the month? Does it always seem like a long wait for the payday when you receive the “Salary Credited” message on your phone?

Apart from planning your expenses to be spread out over the month, you can help beat the Month-End blues with the help of a StashFin Elev8 Loan. Be it your electricity bill, phone, unexpected medical expenses or taking your family and friends out for a picnic! StashFin Elev8 comes to your rescue for all these matters by providing quick loans up to ₹10,000.

You need minimum documentation to apply for a StashFin Elev8 Loan and the entire process can be completed under 10 Minutes. It’s fast and convenient. A StashFin Elev8 customer can get the money in his Bank Account within few hours. No long waiting time. StashFin Elev8 Loans are offered at affordable rates and with zero processing fees.

Beat your Month-End financial crisis with StashFin Elev8 Loan and get control of all your expenses!