All set for the upcoming journey? See why having travel insurance is essential.

All set for the summer trip? Your bags are packed, tickets are booked, accommodations are confirmed, and your dream vacation is just around the corner. However, amidst all the excitement and anticipation, have you considered the unexpected? This is where travel insurance steps into the game, offering armour that transforms a stressful situation into a minor inconvenience. 

Cancellations of flights, unexpected illnesses or even lost baggage can turn paradise into a panicky situation which might disrupt your meticulously planned trip. Today, in this blog, let’s explore the multitude of benefits insurance offers and understand why it’s an essential ingredient for a stress-free journey. 

What is travel insurance? Why is having one essential? 

As the term suggests, it is basically a type of insurance that covers your travel period while travelling domestically or internationally. It is a safety net designed to offer you financial protection in case of unexpected events that disrupt your trip. Remember that it tends to cover a range of situations that could cause you to lose money or incur extra expenses while travelling. 

Furthermore, it reimburses these costs, minimizing and cutting down the financial blow to the travellers. Sounds like a significant relief, right? 

  • Peace of mind

What’s the most important thing for your overall well-being? Your peace of mind! You are well aware that life is unpredictable, and if, by any chance, you are forced to cancel your trip entirely for a genuine reason, domestic travel insurance Indiax can quickly reimburse your non-refundable and prepaid expenses.

  • Luggage?

If you find yourself in such a panicky situation, there is no need to worry. Although it’ll definitely be a hassle, insurance offers compensation for the value of your lost, stolen, or damaged belongings. This helps one replace essentials and get back to focusing on the trip. 

  • Medical emergencies

Medical care in another country can be much more expensive than what is offered here in India. If, god forbid, you or anyone else requires hospitalization or emergency surgery during your trip, travel insurance international can act as a financial safety net, covering the expenses. 

  • Delays

Missed connections, flight cancellations, or harsh weather can cause travel delays. Travel delay coverage is there to reimburse you for additional meals, accommodation expenses, or even essential purchases incurred due to the delay. 

Why Stashfin, and how to avail insurance from us?

One of the leading platforms, Stashfin, offers travel insurance online to those planning to travel or take a vacation. Along with insurance, we also offer the facility of a personal loan without charging any rate of interest. Yes, you heard it right. 

This means that you have to pay us back the exact amount you borrowed from us in the first stage. Here are the top advantages of the insurance offered by us:

  • Extensive coverage for various emergencies. Cash assistance in India up to ₹ 10,000 & hotel assistance in India up to ₹ 40,000
  • mWallet + UPI Fraud Protection : Up to ₹ 10,000 with 10 days pre-reporting period
  • 1 click to block all cards through OneAssist App
  • 24X7 Assistance: Always there to help you

Step by step guide on how to avail the best international travel insurance from Stashfin

  1. Visit our official website 
  2. On the home page, click/tap on the Insurance section
  3. Choose Travel Insurance
  4. Click/Tap on Buy Now
  5. You are good to go! 

Final thoughts

Never let your unforeseen circumstances turn your adventure into a nightmare. With Stashfin’s travel insurance as your travel companion, you can explore with confidence. So, leave all the stress behind, pack your bags, and push the start button with peace of mind! 

Download our application now! 

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