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When considering financial decisions that can impact one’s life long-term, one must always plan properly to make informed decisions.
Knowing terms, interest rates, estimated payouts, and charges help you understand what you are getting into and make the best of it.

Not planning properly can lead to a situation where you cannot make the payments and are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Getting into debt might not be on the wishlist of many but life happens, and sometimes there is no other choice, but that should not stop you from making a choice that ultimately benefits you.

Let us explore a personal loan, how to get one, and how to use an EMI calculator to make informed financial decisions.

What is a Personal Loan?

A personal loan is a type of loan typically not secured by collateral. It is favored over specialised loans such as home loans because of its wide range of applications and nearly limitless end-use cases.

A personal loan, like any other type, requires an individual to repay the loan amount and the interest over the predetermined tenure.

Which is the best application for a loan?

A few months ago, I needed to get some funds urgently and decided to get a loan. After much research and asking several friends, I was recommended an app called Stashfin.

I went through it thoroughly, and I was pleasantly impressed. It was not only easy to use but also highly convenient and quick. It helped me cover that urgent expense and make sense of my mess.

How to get a loan?

It was effortless to get a loan from Stashfin, and it was not only convenient as I could do all of this from my home, it didn’t need any physical documentation, and I got the money disbursed within hours.

These are the steps I followed to get my loan:

  1. I downloaded the application.
  2. After which, I signed up using my mobile number.
  3. I filled in my details to check my credit limit.
  4. I completed the KYC and got my loan approved quickly.
  5. And within a few hours, I could get the money in my account and fund that expense.

How to use a loan calculator?

Using readily available tools, like a calculator personal loan, is extremely valuable when making financial decisions. All you need to do is visit the Stashfin Website and click the EMI Calculator tab.

You can input the Principal amount you need, choose the repayment tenure, and add the interest rate offered there.

Once you do this, you will be showcased the monthly EMI you need to pay, the total amount payable, the interest payable, and the effective interest rate.

These will help you make an informed decision and plan your finances properly. For example, I needed a loan for Rs 3 Lakhs and was offered an interest rate of 12%.

I make around Rs 50,000 every month and wanted the EMI to stay within 40% of my monthly income. I used the tenure slider to increase the repayment tenure and figured out that 18 months would be my best option.

It meant I had to pay around 36% of my salary, which fit my expenses and needs allowing me to take this loan and pay my dues fearlessly.


Thus, the best option is to use a personal loan EMI calculator to simulate different scenarios and see what fits you and your financial ability best. It gives people the knowledge and ability to do these calculations quickly and accurately without doing so manually.

These tools are readily available and possible for anyone and everyone to access so that you can make the right decision, compare between different lenders, estimate the monthly payments and interest rates, and get the best deal for your needs.

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