How to Survive the Month-End Financial Crisis?

How to Survive the Month-End Financial Crisis

At the end of every month, do you find yourself running low on cash?  Do you anxiously wait for the next salary-credited message from your bank?

A little financial planning can help!

  • Track your expenses: Keep a track of how much you are spending and where you are spending it. Use any of the expense-tracking apps available on the App Store; it is super convenient to analyze the expenses and also compare them on a month-on-month basis.
  • Make Saving a Habit: First, save and then spend. Set up a system where a part of your income every month goes into a saving instrument. It is very important to save money on a regular basis.
  • Have a weekly budget: Break your monthly budget down into weekly budgets; stick to that. Unless you stick to these weekly budgets, you will not be able to stick to your monthly budgets.
  • Create an Emergency Fund:  Set aside some money every month and create an emergency fund.
financial planning

But then, there always will be unplanned and sudden expenses.  For all your unplanned expenses, StashFin App can be your financial cushion. With loans as low as ₹1,000, StashFin App is the perfect solution for all your mid or month-end financial crisis.

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