Credit Line and Personal Loans in Aurangabad

Personal loan in Aurangabad with StashFin

Aurangabad, the “City of Gates” is the 5th largest city in Maharashtra and a major commercial center. It is a major production center of high-quality cotton textile and artistic silk fabrics, particularly shawls. The city is also popular for its historical monuments such as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Ajanta and Ellora caves on its outskirts.

Aurangabad is also amongst some of the fastest developing cities of India.  Wipro, Videocon, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, and many prominent businesses have their manufacturing and trading centers in Aurangabad. In a city bustling with a huge population of 1,599,927 and increasing living standards, there is a demand for personal loans, business loans, etc.  To cater to the high credit demand, several banks and NBFCs offer personal loans in Aurangabad.

Personal loan in Aurangabad with StashFin:

If you’re in the market for a personal loan in Aurangabad, StashFin a leading online loan provider offers instant personal loans at reasonable interest rates starting from 11.99%. StashFin offers loan amounts ranging from ₹1000 to up to ₹500,000 based on your financial profile. You can repay the loan in easy EMIs and a flexible repayment tenure varying from 3 to 36 months.

Personal loan in Aurangabad with StashFin

Apply for a Personal Loan in Aurangabad in Easy Approval Process:

At StashFin, availing of a personal loan in Aurangabad is very simple; you only have to follow three steps: Login/Register – Fill application – Upload KYC! You can apply for a personal loan in Aurangabad through the StashFin app or StashFin website, and soon the money will be disbursed to your bank account within four hours.

To apply for a personal loan in Aurangabad, you are required to submit your scanned KYC documents, relevant bank statements and salary slips. Note that the loan application will be accepted only if you are an Indian citizen and at least 18 years and above. The loan amount, EMI, repayment tenure (3 to 36 months) will be fixed based on your financial standing and CIBIL score.

Personal loans and Credit Line Card from StashFin:

At StashFin, we provide easy personal loans with an added advantage of a smart card facility called the StashFin Credit Line Card. This card can be used as a normal credit/debit card at any ATM, POS terminal, or to make online payments. It provides a virtual line of credit up to ₹500,000 which you can convert into an instant personal loan in your account within 90 seconds.

Eligibility Criteria

To get an instant line of credit or a personal loan from StashFin, you need to be:

  • Indian Citizen
  • Above the age of 18
  • Must have a source of income (either salaried or self-employed)

Documents required to avail instant Line of Credit or Personal Loan from StashFin:

  • Address Proof (any one of Aadhaar Card/Voter ID/Passport/Driving License)
  • Identity Proof (PAN ID)
  • Bank Statement

Apply today for a Personal Loan or Credit Line Card, and fulfill your dreams with instant cash from StashFin.

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