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We love it when our customers are satisfied. It motivates us to give you a hassle-free borrowing experience while saving your valuable time. Recently, we had a quick telephonic conversation with one of our happy customers, Mr. Anubhav Nanda from Gurugram, Delhi. This is what Anubhav had to say about his experience of availing a StashFin Personal loan.

StashFin: We hope you are healthy and safe. Please tell us a little about yourself.

Anubhav: Hi, luckily yes and I hope the same for you. I am currently working as a Project Manager at Gurugram. My hometown is Odisha, but I shifted to Gurugram last year as I got placed here.

StashFinSo, how’s your new life at Gurugram?

Anubhav: Initially, it was a little tough as I was new to this city, but now everything is fine. I couldn’t explore the city well for obvious reasons – the pandemic and the lockdown. I just hope this crisis ends soon.

StashFin: We hope that too. We are curious to know how you came across StashFin.

Anubhav: A colleague of mine is a customer of yours, and a guide to me as well. He helped me settle down here, and is like a brother to me. He told me about your company when I asked him for a loan.

StashFin: What kind of loan you were looking for?

Anubhav: I was looking for a quick personal loan to buy a refrigerator. As I started working, keeping food fresh became a big issue for me. That’s when I thought of getting a refrigerator, but because of the budget, I was a little hesitant as I wanted to go for a Side-by-Side Refrigerator. But, thanks to StashFin and my friend, my loan application was approved within a day. Now I can keep my food fresh for days.

Also, I feel lucky because I got my freezer just before the lockdown. Hence, my decision of getting a refrigerator was just perfect.

StashFin: How do you like to rate your experience with StashFin?

Anubhav: I never thought this to be so easy. But to my surprise, the loan approval was real quick. The documentation is also very minimal. I submitted my Aadhar card, Bank statement, and PAN card. By the time I checked the other features of the app, my amount got disbursed to my account. I am paying my monthly EMI now.

StashFin: What is the best feature we have according to you?

Anubhav: As I already said, the quick disbursement, and of course the online mode. It saved my time from visiting the bank again and again.

StashFin: Thanks for your time Anubhav. We will be happy to help you again!

Anubhav: Sure. Thank you. Stay safe.

Team StashFin is very thankful to Mr. Anubhav Nanda for taking out time to share his experience with us. We wish him good health and success.

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