How StashFin Credit Line Card is Better than a Personal Loan

Apply for a StashFin Credit Line Card | Stashfin

We all know that a personal loan is definitely a better option than a credit card. But is there any other financial product that is better than a personal loan? Yes, there is, it’s the StashFin all-inclusive Credit Line Card. It is smarter than a credit card and simpler than a personal loan. StashFin card is the easiest, transparent and fastest way to fund all your financial requirements; be it a wedding, home renovation, travel, or shopping.


StashFin Credit Line Card Benefits:

The StashFin Credit Line Card is a credit cum debit card. You will be approved a credit limit for up to ₹500,000 based on your income, credit history, and credit score. It can also be used at POS terminals, online transactions, and at ATMs (10 free cash withdrawals a month). The best feature of this card is that you will only pay EMIs for the amount you have actually used. That means, no usage = no interest.

What’s more? The StashFin Credit Line Card also comes with a pre-approved personal loan. You can avail a personal loan to meet any financial situation.


StashFin Credit Line Card | Stashfin

How StashFin Credit Line Card is Better than a Personal Loan?

StashFin Credit Line Card has the best features of both the credit card and a pre-approved personal loan. There are no cash withdrawals charges on the StashFin Credit Line Card, whereas other banks charge around 2.5% on cash transactions. The card fees policy is transparent, with no additional charges of any kind.

How to Apply for a StashFin Credit Line Card?

The application process for applying a StashFin Credit Line Card is easy and hassle-free. Follow these simple steps to get yourself a StashFin card:

  1. Visit StashFin website or StashFin app and fill in the application form with your personal, professional, and banking details.
  2. Submit your KYC (Aadhaar & PAN) documents online.
  3. E-sign your application form and wait for approval.
  4. Once approved, your loan amount will be disbursed in your account within 4 hours.

The fast and hassle-free procedure of loan application saves you not only from all the effort but also from the unnecessary stress that you undergo when you apply for a loan with traditional financial institutions. To apply for a personal loan or a StashFin Credit Line Card, visit www.stashfin.com.

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