Steps To Avail of an Instant Loan Online – A Comprehensive Guide

Instant Loan Online: Step-by-Step Guide

The days when people used to rely on their friends or relatives for financial assistance are way behind us. Nowadays, the only best friend who is always there for you is your internet-enabled smartphone. This is also true in the case of an instant personal loan. Just a few taps on your smartphone, and you are more than good to go.

We at Stashfin offer this facility hassle-free. This is because we want all our potential customers to get financial aid immediately so that we can be their support during their tough times. 

What is an instant loan?

This type of loan offers quick cash, sometimes within the same day without any delay, even if you, as a potential borrower, don’t have strong credit. Now, getting fast cash for unforeseen costs such as a car repair or home refurbishment can feel like a solution. 

Also known as a payday or quick loan, it is a type of short-term borrowing that offers individuals access to a relatively small amount with minimal documentation. Remember that these loans are designed to cover unexpected expenses or financial emergencies. 

Why opt for this loan?

  • Instant access without any waiting period

These loans live up to their name by offering fast access to funds. When faced with unexpected financial emergencies, such as a medical bill or a car repair, these definitely work as a lifesaver. The overall application process is streamlined, often allowing borrowers to secure funds within a few hours or even minutes. 

  • Flexible Tenure

Here, you have the complete freedom to choose the EMI tenure running from 3 to 36 months. This factor totally depends on your preference and what your current financial situation is. As per the situation, you can choose the tenure. 

  • No Collateral

With Stashfin, there is no need to provide collateral. This factor is a plus point as it offers accessibility to a wide number of potential borrowers who may not have valuable assets to pledge as security. The absence of collateral here simply means that the borrowers don’t risk losing their property in case of non-payment. 

  • Minimal Documentation

These loans often require only minimal documentation compared to traditional loans. You’ll need identity proof, income as well as address. With this, the waiting time is reduced, and there is no hassle of gathering extensive paperwork. 

How do you avail an instant personal loan?

Our application is available for both Android as well as iOS devices. Moreover, you need not go anywhere. Just simply download the application, complete some basic formalities, and you are more than good to go. However, here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Download the app from the Play Store/App Store
  2. Sign up using your mobile number
  3. Add your personal details to check your credit limit
  4. Complete KYC and you are good to go!


If you are planning to get a personal loan, you don’t need to go anywhere. Simply download our application or visit our website and get financial help within the blink of an eye.
Furthermore, always read the terms and conditions carefully, understand the rate of interest, tenure, and fees beforehand, and ensure that you have a proper repayment plan in place. By simply following these steps and staying up to date, you can make the most of online loans.

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