Key Factors Affecting Your Personal Loan Interest Rates

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The days when you actually had to travel to a nearby financial institution to avail of such a loan are way behind. Now, it’s just you and your internet-enabled smartphone. Stashfin, a personal loan app, ensures you don’t need to get out of your zone, and everything can be quickly sorted easily. 

From consolidating debt, covering unexpected medical expenses, financing an event/wedding, making home renovations, to taking vacations, these types of loans can be used for any flexible purpose.

What is a personal loan?

As the term implies, it is a loan type that individuals can borrow from a financial institution to meet their personal financial needs. Unlike specific car or home loans that bound the borrower to use them for a particular purpose online, personal loans are generally unsecured, which means they don’t require collateral. 

When you, as a potential borrower, apply for this loan, you receive a lump sum amount and agree to repay it over a fixed tenure in regular monthly installments. The repayment terms here include an interest rate, which is the cost you pay for borrowing the money, and may also involve fees or even additional charges. 

Remember that the interest rate you qualify for depends on factors such as credit score, income, employment history, and the lender’s policies. 

What are the key factors affecting your personal loan interest rate?

  • Credit Score

Your credit score is a significant factor that lenders consider when determining your rate of interest for the loan. The higher the score, the lower the interest rate. The lenders typically offer more favorable rates to borrowers with excellent credit score. 

  • Income and Debt-to-Income Ratio

The lender will assess your income level and the debt-to-income ratio (DTI) to gauge your ability to repay the loan. Therefore, a higher income and a lower DTI is a sign of low risk for the lender, which may lead to a lower interest rate. 

  • Employment

Another major factor is the borrower’s stable employment history and consistent income source. This positively impacts the interest rate simply by indicating a lower risk of default. 

  • Loan amount and tenure

The amount of the instant personal loan and repayment tenure can also influence the interest rate on your loan. Usually, the larger the loan amounts or longer repayment terms may attract a higher interest rate due to the increased risk for the lender. 

  • Market

State of the economy, inflation rates as well as the central bank’s monetary policies are part of the broader market conditions, and these can also impact the interest rates. So, borrowers may benefit from more favorable rates when interest rates are generally low. 

  • Lender’s Policies

Each lender has their own set of policies and risk assessment criteria, which can vary too. Different lenders may consider different factors and weight them differently when determining your interest rate. Don’t forget to compare offers from multiple lenders to find the most favorable terms for your circumstances. 

How to avail a low interest personal loan online from Stashfin?

Now, as a potential borrower, you can go through our website or even download our loan application which is available both for iOS as well as Android devices. We keep in mind to offer loans with the utmost convenience to the borrowers so they don’t face any hassle. 

  1. Download the app
  2. Sign up 
  3. Add details to check credit limit
  4. Complete KYC

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