Securing Your Dreams: Applying for Personal Loans to Achieve Your Goals

Securing Your Dreams: Applying for Personal Loans to Achieve Your Goals

Whether looking to fund your higher education, a foreign trip, your wedding, or any of your other goals, one thing which can help you out when everything else fails is a personal loan.

A personal loan app helps by funding your dreams, as they allow you to make certain decisions that would not be possible otherwise without begging for money from your friends or family. It enables a person to be financially conscious and choose their future accordingly. 

What is a personal loan?

A personal loan is a way of borrowing money in a usually unsecured manner to fund certain things. Unlike specialized loans like a home loan to purchase or renovate a home or plot of land, personal loans don’t have an end-use clause and can be used for any number of reasons, from funding your child’s education to planning a foreign vacation. 

Due to its unsecured nature, this might have slightly higher interest rates and approval criteria depending on your credit score and credit history. A higher credit score and good credit history are required to establish you as a credible lender and offer lower interest rates. 

Why should you avail of a personal loan?

Although an online personal loan apply is an excellent option for many people, it is not for everyone. Still, it might benefit everyone with a planned investment coming in the future or an urgent need for cash they have yet to prepare for. 

This encompasses everything from medical emergencies to paying off your debts to fund a foreign trip. A personal loan has nearly infinite value if you plan for it properly. 

One thing to keep in mind when thinking about getting one is to plan your finances, assess your income and your liabilities/how much you spend, and ensure that the loan’s EMI does not exceed 40% of your income.

What are the best personal loan apps?

The credit market in India is booming, with dozens of players entering this space, making it confusing to figure out which one to choose. However, this has also made it a lot better for most people, providing them unprecedented access to funds if they can repay it. 


Here are top three personal loan application I have used:

  • Stashfin

Stashfin blew me away at how easy and convenient it was. I disregarded it initially when my friends recommended it, but I can definitively say it is India’s best loan app after using it. It offers loans up to Rs 10 Lakhs at competitive interest rates. It is easy to get a personal loan apply within minutes, and get the money to use within hours. 

  • MoneyTap

MoneyTap is another app that I have used, and it offers loans worth up to Rs 5 Lakhs for low-interest rates based on the partner bank and your credit profile. 

  • HDFC Bank

HDFC offers a quick and convenient way of getting a loan up to Rs 40 Lakhs if you are their customer. They allow pre-approved loans with fast approval if you have an income of more than Rs 25,000 per month. 


Thus, personal loans can help people secure their dreams and achieve their goals when they might not have the means. It enables people not only to dream but also provides them with the choice to take on those challenges head-on and be able to achieve them. 

These are some of the best loan apps I have used, which allow me to apply personal loan, and you can use them too to secure the funding to achieve your goals.

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