Bring in the New Year with the StashFin Credit Line Card

StashFin Credit Line Card

It’s that time of the year again! Christmas and New Year are around the corner, and all shops are loaded with year-end attractive sale offers. It is pretty difficult to escape them. From refrigerator to jewellery, from air tickets to hotels, from restaurants and clubs to cloth merchants; and, every seller, from local retailers to online shopping portals, tries their best to make the most of this festive season.

So, if you are walking across the street or surfing the internet, it is difficult to keep yourself un-distracted from these mouth-watering offers. But then there are also things already pending in your bucket: travelling to an exotic locale for which you have been waiting the whole year. To avail all of these alluring offers, you need a fully loaded wallet.

However, if you find yourself thinking about the time-consuming process of applying for a personal loan, then there is a faster application process, to help you celebrate the New Year with a grand party. You can apply for a StashFin card—the easiest and fastest way to load yourself with the money to fulfil all your requirements.

The StashFin Credit Line Card not only helps you pamper yourself this holiday season but also allows you to repay the amount in affordable EMIs. Our easy-to-apply procedure and quick approval process make StashFin a favourite among people.

The StashFin Credit Line Card helps you meet your expenses and add spark to your celebration season. A StashFin card can be used for all online and offline transactions. You can withdraw cash from any ATM, as it is a hybrid debit cum credit card, making transactions easier for you.

The good news is that unlike other loans, the EMI is only on the amount you utilize for the purchase. The interest rates are competitive and the best in the market. Also, you can enjoy an interest rate lower than that charged on a usual credit card. The icing on the cake – no annual fee is charged to your StashFin card.

The StashFin card is a perfect option if you are planning to buy jewellery or some other expensive gift for your loved ones this New Year. Jewellery sellers generally do not provide attractive EMI offers and outright purchase may not sound viable due to sky-rocketing prices. With a StashFin card, you can buy your favorite jewellery at affordable EMIs.

So no more compromising on your wish list; apply for this great financial tool today and welcome the New Year with a bang! Happy Shopping!

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