StashFin Credit Line Card Charges

Stashfin Credit Line Card

StashFin Credit Line Card is a multipurpose flexible and convenient financial product that can be used as a debit card, credit card, and personal loan. It comes with a lot of additional features such as reward points, ATM cash withdrawal, EMI options, etc. You can check out the advantages of StashFin Credit Line card over traditional credit line card

What are the Charges Included in the StashFin Credit Line Card?

Interest Rate: Credit cards usually attract huge interest rates, which include both interest per month and APR (annual percentage rate). The StashFin Credit Line Card charges only a flat rate of interest on the approved credit limit.

Maintenance Charges: Unlike traditional credit cards, the StashFin Credit Line Card does not levy any maintenance charges. You only pay interest on the amount you utilize on your card while you enjoy a 30‑day credit-free period.

ATM Withdrawal Charges: With a StashFin credit line card, you can withdraw 100% of your approved credit limit at ZERO ATM withdrawal charges and you get up to 10 free ATM cash withdrawals every month. Whereas cash withdrawals using a credit card can be quite expensive, with transaction charges of up to 2.5% of the cash advance.

Over Limit Charges:  Credit cards charge an over-limit fee of INR 500 or 2.5% of the credit limit when you cross the credit card limit even by just ₹ 1. The StashFin Credit Line Card has no such charges.

All in all, StashFin Credit Line Card translates into better savings as there are no hidden, sometimes deceptive, charges that other credit cards have.

How to Apply For a StashFin Credit Line Card?

  • Download and install the StashFin App from google play store or apple store or register here https://stash.page.link/FB_ORG
  • Fill in some basic information and upload all your KYC documents.
  • Check the approval status on the App.
  • Post-approval, you will get the disbursal of credit limit within 4 hours or as quick as 90 seconds.

So, download the StashFin App or apply here https://stash.page.link/FB_ORG

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